Summer Hiatus

If it seems like you haven’t heard from me in a while, that’s because you haven’t! Summer slipped away all too quickly, and even though I’ve been off work these past few months, this summer has felt even busier than the school year! How is that possible?

It has been absolutely amazing being off and home with our little one-year-old all summer long. Being a teacher has many pros and cons, but spending the summer home with my family is definitely one of the sweeter perks of the job! It has been such a blessing getting to spend so much time with her, and now that summer has reached its end, my heart is breaking for all the time I’m going to be spending away from her now. But I have to keep reminding myself how fortunate I am! How blessed I am to have had these months at home with her – months that many non-teacher parents do not get. How lucky I am to have a teacher husband who also spent the summer home! How fortunate we were to soak in so much family time together. And now that I’m two days deep in the work week hustle, I can’t help but feel very lucky that we have family – namely two doting grandmas – who help look after our little munchkin now that we’re back to work! It doesn’t completely erase the heartache that I feel when I have to hand her off each morning, but it makes it a lot easier knowing that she’s in the capable and loving hands of her grandma, who loves her ((almost)) as much as I do!

But rather than dwelling on the somber ending to a wonderful summer, I wanted to reflect on some of my favorite moments from this most memorable summer!

Family time. I am doubly blessed! Not only do I have the summers off, but my teacher-husband also has the summers off too! It was so amazing being together as a family all summer long. Even on those lazy days where we didn’t really do much of anything, it was always so nice just all being home together! We had so much fun family time just playing in our living room and taking walks around our neighborhood!

Lambeau field. If you know my husband, you know that he is a die-hard Packer fan. So it may come as a shock that I am rather indifferent when it comes to football. I would still consider myself a Packer fan, but I just don’t have much interest when it comes to watching football. So when my husband suggested heading up to Green Bay one day for a tour of Lambeau field, I was not exactly jumping up and down with excitement. However, I knew it meant a lot to him – to show me and our daughter one of his favorite places in the world – so I agreed. And boy am I glad that I did, because it ended up being one of my favorite days all summer! The tour itself was a lot more interesting than I expected, and it was just a fun day together as a family!

First steps. We were so lucky that our summer vacation lined up perfectly with our daughter starting to walk. At the start of the summer she was taking a step or two on her own, and throughout the summer we got to watch her blossom into a full-fledged toddler. It was amazing getting to watch her transition for a wobbly walker in June, to a confident little toddler by the end of the summer!

North Carolina. We traveled to North Carolina with my family at the end of July for a week long stay at the beach. The 16 hour drive turned into an almost 20-hour trek with our one year old, but we made it eventually and had a great week! We stayed in a beautiful house a few blocks from the ocean front, and enjoyed more family time, daily trips to the beach, great food, and we even got to watch a nest of sea turtles hatch.

First Birthday celebration. Our sweet girl turned ONE this summer! I don’t know how that is possible, I swear just yesterday I was bumming around the house on maternity leave with my newborn baby. I must have blinked, because somehow my baby is ONE! We had an awesome party at the house to ring in her first birthday, and were so lucky to have almost 40 people join us on a Tuesday night to celebrate our sweet girl! She was such a good sport, hamming it up for all her guests and keeping that sweet smile on her face despite all the company and chaos! She loved digging into her cake and stuffing her face with purple frosting, and she was so excited to play with her friends!

Dells weekend. We ended our summer with a long weekend getaway to the Wisconsin Dells with my husband’s family. And honestly, it was perfect to have a trip to end the summer! It was close to home, but still far enough to feel like a vacation. We had a great time with family, enjoyed hitting up the water parks with our curious one-year-old, and snuck in a duck tour and a showing of the Tommy Bartlett show (both of which my daughter slept through!). It was the perfect distraction from the impending ending to a wonderful summer.

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer! It always goes way too fast, but I hope you all were able to sneak in some fun, family time, and relaxation! I’m going to try to get into a better routine with my blogging again, so you can expect to hear from me again soon.

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