Summer Highlights – Week 1

Our first week of summer break has officially drawn to a close, and it has given me a glimpse into all the summer fun that is to come!

Our first weekend of summer featured a fabulous summer photoshoot by my amazing friend, Jennifer! This amazing lady is just breaking into the photography business, but she is phenomenal! She is super creative and has such great ideas for beautiful shoots. Every time she does a photoshoot for us, I spend at least the next week constantly looking at the photos! If you’re looking for photography of any kind, you should definitely check her out! Needless to say, I’ve been looking at our new photos of our sweet girl ever since!

We kicked off our first official weekday of summer with a zoo trip on Monday! I’ve been dying to go to the zoo again ever since our all-school field trip in May. I absolutely love the zoo, but it doesn’t have quite the same effect when experienced as a teacher, toting around a group of 2nd graders on an 80-degree day. So I’ve been begging my husband to go back ASAP, and he willingly obliged. We made sure to get an early start on Monday morning, packed our lunches for the day, and were pulling into the lot of the Milwaukee County Zoo right at 9:00 when they were opening. I’ve never experienced the zoo right when they’ve opened, but it was AMAZING, and I’d totally set my alarm for another early morning the next time we go. We made it through several of the indoor animal exhibits with virtually no lines or crowds, and it was so enjoyable! I grew up at the zoo, so I’ve been there quite a lot. But I’ve never seen it so uncrowded! Maybe it was the fact that it was a cooler, slightly-overcast day too… or maybe there just aren’t a lot of early birds this first week of summer! Either way, it was great. We brought back our souvenir soda cup we bought earlier in the season, and made sure to pack plenty of snacks. Save for the buck we spent on a soda refill, our zoo pass made it a virtually free day of fun! The best part with the zoo pass was that we didn’t feel guilty ditching out shortly after lunchtime to get our daughter home in time for her afternoon nap! We closed out Monday afternoon at the softball fields for my husband’s softball game. It was definitely a long day, but it surely felt like a great way to kick off our summer!

The rest of the week was pretty low-key. We’ve been dealing with some teething again, so our daughter has not been sleeping well at night. This obviously means that no one is sleeping well at night, so we’ve enjoyed not having much going on this week! We spent some time with family and friends, enjoyed lots of snuggles and play time at home, and caught up on some binge-watching. We also did some yard work, caught up on cleaning around the house (how do other moms find time to mop their floors?!?), and made a trip to Costco. We went for lots of walks around our neighborhood, splashed in our blow-up unicorn pool, and cut some fresh flowers from our yard to brighten up our kitchen table!

Testing out the pool before we took it outside and filled it up!

My favorite part of summer so far has been the afternoon naps! Now that I’m off, I’ve been laying down with my daughter for her afternoon naps. She sleeps well when she’s snuggled up with mama, and it’s been nice catching up on some of the sleep I’m missing at night!

Can’t wait to see what this next week of summer will bring!

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