Dog Treats

When my daughter was first born, it was a tough adjustment for our dog, Sawyer. She was used to being our only “child,” and she wasn’t too happy to be sharing our attention with this new little creature who was sucking up all our time and making lots of noise! You can read more about this adjustment in my previous post about dog mom guilt.

However, my dog has recently found a whole new reason to love her baby sister. And in true dog fashion, this reason has everything to do with food!

Now that my daughter is eating a full plate of real solid foods, she has discovered a fun new game. Dropping Throwing food off her tray to the waiting mouth of our little vacuum dog! Initially our dog just did the cleanup duty of picking up the stray crumbs that the baby dropped, but my daughter has now started purposely feeding the dog. She picks out her favorite foods first, and tosses her least desired foods to the dog. Sometimes she even holds her hand out, covered in sticky mushed up raspberry or scrambled egg, and lets the dog lick it clean.

I will say I am grateful to our dog for saving me from having to mop the kitchen after every meal, but when my daughter looks me in the eye, smiles, and throws the dog a piece of chicken that I just cut up for her, I can’t help but imagine the future. I’m sure we will see many peas and green beans discretely tossed under the table for our sneaky dog to munch up!

While I don’t love this new trick my daughter has discovered, I’m grateful for this new bond between my girls! The dog still doesn’t love the slightly-too-rough pats on the head or tugs on her ears, but boy is our daughter enamored with that dog! She squeals with delight when her doggy walks into the room, and she loves chasing her around the house. So if this new game is a way for them to bond, I guess I won’t be too upset about my balsamic roasted broccoli florets being wasted on the dog!

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