Top 10 Uses for the Ergobaby Carrier

Before my daughter was born, I loved the idea of Ergobaby carriers. I had obviously never used one before, and I really hadn’t heard many reviews one way or the other from my friends with kids. But I thought it seemed fun and practical to wear baby in a carrier rather than lugging around a bulky carseat or stroller. So we put it on our registry, and ended up with our Ergo a few months before baby arrived. My husband and I enjoyed trying it our with our dog, who wasn’t necessarily a willing volunteer, and then we packed it away in the closet until baby girl made her debut.

It took a few weeks after my daughter was born for me to pull out the carrier and give it a try. Understandably, my mind was a little preoccupied with other things, and I’d honestly forgotten about it. But when we finally tried it out, I was wishing I’d remembered it sooner. My daughter loved skin to skin contact, so snuggling up against my chest in the carrier was her favorite thing in the world! We quickly incorporated the carrier into our daily routines, and I found that it made life so much easier in so many ways! Check out the list below for my top 10 favorite uses for our Ergo!

1. Chores around the house. My daughter would seriously sleep in our Ergo while I vacuumed! If I put her in the bassinet or her bouncer seat, the vacuum noise always woke her up, but in the Ergo she slept so soundly! I always avoid anything that involveS chemicals (e.g. cleaning the bathroom), but vacuuming, washing dishes, and laundry are easy ones to accomplish with her in the carrier.

2. Grocery shopping. Now that she’s a little older and can sit in the shopping cart seat, we don’t do this as much now, but when she was real little, I always used the Ergo when we grocery shopped. So much easier than lugging in the car seat and taking up half the cart with it, plus my daughter was so much more content in the Ergo for our weekly Walmart trip.

3. Walks. While I was home on maternity leave, I took my daughter and our dog for daily walks. I used the stroller a new times, but with our crazy dog pulling on the leash and me trying to navigate the bulky stroller, it wasn’t ideal. The Ergo made walks so much easier! It left both my hands free to hold the dog leash (and pick up her little presents), and my daughter was so much more content than in the stroller anyway.

4. Traveling. When my daughter was a few months old, we went on a weekend trip to Door County with my family. The Ergo was perfect for bumming around downtown, dropping into the shops, and grabbing a bite to eat. Ever since, we don’t ever travel without it. In fact, I even got a second Ergo carrier once my daughter got a little older, and now we keep one carrier in our car at all times!

5. Yard Work. Just today, my husband and I were working in the yard. If I’m being perfectly honest, my husband was doing most of the work and I was mostly providing moral support, but nevertheless… I strapped my daughter into the Ergo, and she napped for an hour while I “helped” with yard work. Our carrier is an open-air mesh one, so baby always stays comfy, even when it gets warmer out. Again, I wouldn’t recommend it for use when chemicals are involved, but watering plants, sweeping the patio, and raking leaves are all a cinch with the Ergo!

6. Day trips. With summer just around the corner, I’m excited to put our zoo pass and museum pass to good use! You can bet I wouldn’t even attempt these kind of day trips without our Ergo. My hands stay free for whatever I may need, and baby stays happy in the carrier!

7. Sporting events. We went to Brewers opening day this year, and of course the Ergo came along! She obviously didn’t stay in it throughout the whole game, but we were glad to have it on hand, especially when entering and leaving the stadium. I’m sure it will get more use this summer for Brewers games and my husband’s softball games!

8. Calming a fussy baby. With very few exceptions, this carriers works like magic to calm my daughter when she’s fussy. Sometimes when she just can’t get comfortable for a nap, I can put her in the Ergo and she quickly nods off. This thing is seriously a miracle worker!

9. Easing mom guilt. Especially when I first went back to work after maternity leave, I experienced a lot of mom guilt when I was home but not directly interacting with my daughter. For example, I hated making dinner when it meant having my daughter in the other room and not with me. So the Ergo helped to give me the best of both worlds! I was able to wear my daughter while I got dinner prepared, and it eased some of my mom guilt because I wasn’t having to spend that time away from my daughter.

10. Quick stops or busy places. Last weekend we went out for coffee on Saturday morning. The little shop we went to is small, and almost always busy. This means there’s not a lot of room for a bulky car seat, stroller, or fussy baby. So as soon as we pulled in, we decided the Ergo was our best bet. My daughter was so happy in the carrier, and I wasn’t anxious about my daughter having a melt down in the middle of the coffee shop!

There are so many amazing uses for Ergobaby carriers! Ours has definitely made life so much easier, and I can’t imagine not having it. What are your favorite uses for your Ergobaby carrier?

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