Lazy Saturdays

This morning I was up around 4AM with a cranky baby. She’s been cutting a tooth for the last week, and that combined with the thunderstorms we had overnight made for a tough night of sleep. After numerous (failed) attempts to get her back to sleep in her crib, I snuck her back into bed with us and we all got another few hours of sleep.

Once we were all up for the day, I nursed our daughter while my husband caught up on Game of Thrones re-runs. We all got dressed and ready for the day. We went for coffee at the little bakeshop where we got our wedding cake. We came home, and I snuggled up on the couch with my daughter for her morning nap. Later we have some yard work and laundry to do. Maybe some cleaning around the house. It’s a day filled with little tasks here and there, but all in all, a relaxed and lazy Saturday.

In the days before my daughter, we rarely had lazy days like this. We filled our weekends with day trips to the mall, visits with friends and family, projects around the house, and errand running. We liked having our weekends busy, and looked forward to weekend plans. But now, I live for days like today. Sure, I still love visiting our family and taking fun family day trips on the weekends, but it’s crazy how exhausting the workweek can be as a working parent. I spend my days teaching, loving, and caring for other people’s kids as a teacher, and my nights doing the same for my own child. When the weekend finally rolls around, I look forward to having no plans, and getting to enjoy these lazy mornings with my family. I love lazing in bed until the morning sun filtering through the blinds wakes us up. I love coffee dates with my husband and daughter. I live for these nap-time snuggles on the couch, watching out the living room window as people zoom by, eager to get on with their busy days. I love that time seems to slow down on these lazy mornings, and I can soak up these precious moments with my family.

Life already moves too fast. Sometimes it’s nice to slow down, enjoy the ride, and appreciate all the little blessings!

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