Colorful Clutter

We bought our house in March of 2018, just 5 months before our daughter was born. We were beyond blessed to have found our perfect home after only a week of serious house hunting. But after our first showing of the house, we fell in love! It was perfectly located, an even half an hour from BOTH of our families and our work. It was an older home with character, lots of charm, and a fenced in yard for the dog. It met all of our “must-haves” and nearly all of our “wish list” qualities for a home. We were simply in love from that first showing, and knew in our hearts that this was our home. We had to contend with another offer, and waited almost 24 painful hours to find out that we had gotten the house!

Fast forward two months, and we were signing the papers and moving in! We set about making this little dream house into our dream home, filling it with our furniture, adorning it with our own decorations, and hanging our pictures on the walls. We tackled little projects; fixing up the flower beds, replacing light fixtures, installing a new kitchen faucet, and painting the nursery. It quickly started to feel like our dream home! We had made it our own, and we took a lot of satisfaction in our sweet little house.

Then our daughter came along, and suddenly our dream home that we’d worked so hard for was overtaken by a world of baby toys, foam flooring tiles, and child-proofed cabinet doors. Everywhere you turn, there are signs of our daughter. A baby gate at the staircase, toys jammed under couch cushions, a little rubber whale on the faucet in the bathtub. A pack ‘n play takes up one corner of our living room, the end table is strewn with board books, and even my bedroom nightstand is adorned with pacifiers, a burp cloth, and an elephant-shaped noise machine. It’s not the home we once thought it would be when we bought our dream house just over a year ago. Our home has been overtaken by the tiniest member of our family!

I expected our lives to change drastically with the birth of our daughter, but somehow I’d overlooked the fact that our home would be changing too. In retrospect, I should have realized. But nevertheless, it took me a bit by surprise when our daughter started crawling, and almost overnight our living room transformed into a colorful jungle gym of baby-proofing and toys.

I know that this is just our season of life right now. A season of our home being overtaken by baby gear and toys. And I welcome it with open arms, even if it took me a bit by surprise. When I look around our house, I sometimes miss our sophisticated adult home with our rustic wood coffee table and cabinets that opened without a key. But I also love the colorful foam letter tiles on our living room floor, and the baby blankets that hang on the back of our couches. I miss the uncluttered space we had before all the baby gear, but I strangely enjoy the colorful clutter that our daughter has brought to our home.

Someday, I know this season will pass. Our children will outgrown the need for baby proofing and pack ‘n plays and toys, and someday we will get our adult home back. But I’m in no rush for that to happen! I will enjoy this colorful, cluttered, baby-proofed home while I have it. Cause like they say, “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone!”

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