Cold Coffee

This morning, I drank a cup of cold coffee. Not the fancy iced kind from Starbucks with whipped cream and chocolaty drizzle. Plain ol’ coffee pot coffee, left on the counter and forgotten for a bit too long.

It’s a routine I’m not unfamiliar with. In fact, most mornings I drink my coffee cold. Between the hustle and bustle at home, and the chaos of my morning at school before my kiddos arrive, it’s rare for me to find the time to chug down a cup of coffee before my attention is drawn elsewhere.

And as this thought dawned on me this morning as I drank my cold coffee on the living room floor, it occurred to me that motherhood is a cold cup of coffee.

Motherhood is forgetting yourself to put your child first. It’s listening to nursery rhymes on an endless loop in the car when you’d rather listen to the new Taylor Swift song. It’s cooking dinner and feeding the rest of your family before you get to eat yourself. It’s packing lunches with a baby on your hip because she just wants to be held. It’s waking up at the crack of dawn, and sacrificing prep time at work to pump milk for your baby. It’s repeatedly stacking up a tower of cups on the floor because your daughter loves to knock them down. It’s wiping your child’s snot on your own sleeve when you don’t have a tissue. It’s spit-up stained shirts, sleepless nights, and poopy diapers. It’s unpainted nails, because you’d rather snuggle your baby than take the time to paint them. It’s split-ends and grown-out highlights, because you’d rather spend the money on books, toys, or cute jammies for your child. It’s spending your Saturday in line at a crowded mall to get a picture with Santa or the Easter Bunny.

It’s a cold cup of coffee, set aside and forgotten, because you were too busy putting your child’s needs first. But you know what I’ve discovered? Cold coffee still tastes just as good.

Sure, hot coffee is delicious. But I’ll take my cold cup of coffee any day of the week.

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