A Letter to My Husband

Dear Husband,

This morning, the alarm clock rang all too soon. It was 5 AM, and I slowly dragged my sleepy self from the bed and started making my way toward the bathroom to get in the shower. My plans were halted by the soft fuss of our daughter. I paused, waiting to see if she’d go back to sleep, but of course on tired Thursday mornings like these, she never does. I made my way back to the crib and pulled our crying daughter into my arms.

“I have to get in the shower,” I whispered to you in the darkness, and you reached out sleepily, making a nest beside you in the bed, and pulled her into your arms. Moments later she was back asleep, and I crept out of the bedroom to get ready for work.

I returned a half an hour later to grab clothes from the closet, and in the faint glow of the morning sun, I saw you snuggled up with our daughter beside you. Both sleeping peacefully, the faintest traces of smiles on both of your faces. I didn’t linger too long – I didn’t want to wake you. But I stayed just long enough to soak up the moment, and appreciate the amazing father that you are.

I know that this parenting thing isn’t always easy, but I can’t imagine being on this journey with anyone else but you. I love watching you love our daughter. I love the way you can make her laugh like no one else can. When you plant sloppy kisses on her cheeks and whisper in her ears, she erupts into a deep belly-laughter that she doesn’t ever make for anyone else but you. I love listening to you talk to her after a long day at work, telling her, “I missed you so much today.” I love seeing you beam with pride whenever you lay eyes on her, because I know that our sweet little princess has you wrapped around her tiny finger. She has your heart, and that little girl is your whole world.

Dear husband, thank you for being the kind of father I always dreamed of for my children. We love and appreciate all that you do! ❤️

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