Why I Won’t Feel Guilty for “Spoiling” My Baby

I’ve heard the term a hundred times over since the birth of my daughter. Whether in blog posts, articles, or in the well-meaning advice from friends, family, and strangers, new moms are often warned of the supposed dangers of “spoiling” their babies. Babies do need to learn to sleep (and nap) independently, at least if us mamas want to maintain our sanity! But I quickly found that my favorite part about life as a new mom was simply just snuggling up with my sleeping baby! So rather than putting her down in her bassinet or transferring her to the bouncer, I let her sleep in my arms. Over the weeks, and then months, of my maternity leave, I slowly built this *bad* habit, one nap at a time. I snuggled my baby when I probably should have put her down to let her nap on her own.

Now my sweet girl is just over eight months old, and twice a day, she snuggles up in someone’s arms for a nap. She will also nap in her car seat if we’re on the go, and when she’s really tired, she will fall asleep just about anywhere. But for the most part, my “spoiled” girl prefers to nap in someone’s arms. Does it make it difficult to get things done around the house? Sure it does. Does it mean that I get little time to myself without having another little human curled up against me? Yes, it most certainly does. But do I feel guilty about “spoiling” my baby with all these extra snuggles? Absolutely not.

I know all too well that the day will come when my sweet little baby will no longer want to snuggle up with her mama. I know that some day in the not-too-distant future, my baby will no longer need me to help her fall asleep. I know that, although she’s still my baby for now, these days of endless snuggles are numbered. And while some people may say that I’m spoiling my daughter by letting her nap in my arms, I refuse to apologize for soaking up every last snuggle I can get!

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