The Journey Begins!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved writing. I had an old macintosh computer in my bedroom growing up with an accompanying macintosh printer, and I loved writing short stories and poems. I would print them out and add pictures in crayon, dreaming of someday becoming a writer. As I got older, my computer got updated, my aspirations changed, but that love of writing has always stuck with me.

As an adult, it’s hard to find time – and a reason – to write anymore. I’m in my third year of teaching, and I have a beautiful baby, a husband, an energetic dog, and about a million other things that occupy my time. I write lesson plans, I write emails, I write shopping lists and to-do lists… but I never find time to just WRITE! As a teacher and mother, I read TONS of other peoples’ blogs all the time. How do you think I survived my first year teaching, nine months of pregnancy, and the first few weeks of motherhood? It’s awesome being able to search for something on Pinterest and instantly be connected to other peoples’ stories and advice. I got to thinking that maybe I could do that too.

So my journey begins! I might not be an expert on parenting, or teaching, or anything for that matter! But I’m here to share my stories, offer my advice, and lend support to others who might find themselves in the same position that I once was.Placeholder Image

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